Best Ways to Watch Soccer Online- A Closer Look

Anyone wanting to watch soccer online has a number of options to do so. They need to decide whether they are willing to pay for a service or want to try a free site. There is also ways to see live matches or highlights of games. There are a several ways to catch the game and each has its advantages and disadvantages but all get around a lack of televised games.


The first thing anyone wanting to watch soccer online must do is ensure they have a suitable internet connection and computer. It does not matter what service they use if their personal computer and internet connection can’t keep up. Streaming a live game in particular can be a width absorbing process. Slow web access can leave the viewer frustrated even once they have found the game they want to see. The computer is important as with the wrong graphics package streaming is tough and even watching pre-recorded highlights can be tough.

-Live games:

There are various websites that offer a link to live games being streamed online. Some will allow the viewer to watch the game without any special downloads and this is known as an embedded service. An embedded service is easy to find and easy to access but can be slower than the games that can be seen with software such as Sopcast.  This kind of download gets the computer running the game as opposed to the website and while not perfect can allow a better streaming experience than the embedded services.


The main advantage of highlights over a live game is availability. Some TV channels offer the chance to watch their highlights shows online. This is ideal for anyone who wants to see all the goals but is not in when the show is on. The highlights are also of a good quality as they are not run from a good server that the channel provides for their website. The issue comes when wanting to see English premier league games in this way. The BBC does not allow people outside of the UK to use their I-player service which offers Match of the Day highlights show.


The way around the I-player issue is to use a VPN. This is perfect for the English ex-pat wanting to catch the weekend’s action. A VPN is a paid service that makes a computer appears to have a UK ISPN. This gives the BBC website and others for that matter, the idea that the connection is coming from the UK and thus they will allow the I-player to work.

Missing the match is to many the biggest problem of living abroad, but there are so many ways around it for anyone with a computer and a decent internet signal. The live game is available either in an embedded site or through the use of Sopcast or its kin. The VPN allows anyone, anywhere to watch the highlights on the BBC. All these ways makes it possible to watch soccer online.